March 2018 has been an exciting time for movie buffs and blu-ray collectors. Thor Ragnarok, Justice League and Murder on the Orient Express have seen their home entertainment releases, as well as the new Romero-inspired zombie flick Day of the Dead: Bloodline and the 4K Anniversary Edition of The Dark Crystal. With all of these, […]

This is a fucking great film! Filled with amazing action, thumping great tunes and an all-star ensemble cast. Written and directed by Edgar Wright, of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame, Baby Driver is a fun action/comedy not to be missed. Ansel Elgort stars as Baby (that’s B-A-B-Y, Baby) and he is a […]

If you’re not on the JB Hi-Fi mailing list, or haven’t heard – there’s a great pre-order offer at the moment on the upcoming release of Logan. If you pre-order any version of the film, you get for free, a copy of Logan Noir, the black and white version of the film! That’s one free […]

Umbrella Entertainment will be releasing the 1978 Brian Trenchard-Smith Ozploitation classic The Man From Hong Kong on DVD and blu-ray in October this year! Previously released through Madman Entertainment in Australia on DVD in a two-disc set, this new blu-ray release features new cover art, new special features. There will also be an Umbrella DVD with […]

Today, July 27th marks the release of the 1981 Ozploitation classic Roadgames on blu-ray for the first time. Directed by Ozploitation veteran Richard Franklin, and written by Everett De Roche, Roadgames comes to blu-ray sourced from a brand new 4K master, glisteningly beautiful cover art, and a whole host of new special features. The Australian company […]

Film 5/5 Tarantino’s latest film, “The Hateful Eight” is bloody brilliant (no pun intended). There is a hell of a lot to love here, and as much as I still liked Django Unchained more, in this film it’s clear that Q.T. just gets better and better with each film he makes. The plot of the […]

The Avengers are out of hand. Their day to day activities of fighting criminals and doing what they believe is the greater good, is leaving carnage. Innocent lives lost while they move on to their next mission. The United Nations drafts an accord in order to keep the Avengers in check, and hold them responsible […]