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Ozploitation classic back by popular demand

The long out of print ozploitation classic is coming back to Umbrella Entertainment! Body Melt (1993) is being re-released in April 2016. This is brilliant news for the Aussie gem, and a good move by Umbrella Entertainment. Hopefully this re-release, and its popularity, will persuade Umbrella to give more of their back catalogue a second […]

New Video! Fresh content at long last

  Hi all, It’s been quite some time since I’ve filmed and uploaded a video onto my YouTube channel, and even longer since I’ve posted on this blog. But I am going to endeavour to get back into making videos and posting articles. In my latest video I show off some blu-ray and DVD purchases […]

Update 2 – Blu-ray News and Update My latest video is up on YouTube now. Please enjoy

Sherlock Series 3 – Review *may contain SPOILERS*

WOW! That was my first reaction after each episode of the third series of this brilliant BBC drama, and especially so at every twist and turn in episode three. After having waited two years since the shocking “Reichenbach Fall” my expectations for Sherlock series 3 were high. But no matter how high I had those […]

Vlog 1 – Welcome and Blu-ray update

Mt first vlog on Blu-ray news. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally have. Enjoy! 🙂


Welcome to TheNeutronFlow (a new name could be coming), a blog by myself, Paul Berriman. Here I intend to review DVDs and Blurays. I collect films and series on disc and am a fanatic about cover art, extras and editions. After seeing lots of different YouTube channels where people do updates on their purchases and […]