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New sub-label announced from Via Vision Entertainment – [IMPRINT]

Fantastic news for local blu-ray distribution today with the reveal of the latest effort from Via Vision Entertainment. Imprint – stylised as [Imprint] is the name of their new label – which is launching with 5 exciting titles. 1 – The War of the Worlds (1953) 2 – Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) 3 – I […]

New Hammer Horror Titles come to Blu-ray from Universal/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

March 2018 has been an exciting time for movie buffs and blu-ray collectors. Thor Ragnarok, Justice League and Murder on the Orient Express have seen their home entertainment releases, as well as the new Romero-inspired zombie flick Day of the Dead: Bloodline and the 4K Anniversary Edition of The Dark Crystal. With all of these, […]

Logan Pre-Order Offer at JB Hi-Fi

If you’re not on the JB Hi-Fi mailing list, or haven’t heard – there’s a great pre-order offer at the moment on the upcoming release of Logan. If you pre-order any version of the film, you get for free, a copy of Logan Noir, the black and white version of the film! That’s one free […]

Another Ozploitation classic coming to blu-Ray from Umbrella Entertainment!

Umbrella Entertainment will be releasing the 1978 Brian Trenchard-Smith Ozploitation classic The Man From Hong Kong on DVD and blu-ray in October this year! Previously released through Madman Entertainment in Australia on DVD in a two-disc set, this new blu-ray release features new cover art, new special features. There will also be an Umbrella DVD with […]

Roadgames (1981) blu-ray release

Today, July 27th marks the release of the 1981 Ozploitation classic Roadgames on blu-ray for the first time. Directed by Ozploitation veteran Richard Franklin, and written by Everett De Roche, Roadgames comes to blu-ray sourced from a brand new 4K master, glisteningly beautiful cover art, and a whole host of new special features. The Australian company […]

Severin Films Brings Aussie Classic to blu-ray

American entertainment company Severin Films announced yesterday that they will be releasing the Ozploitation classic Felicity (1978) on blu-ray. March 29th will see the release of this blu-ray, which will also contain two other John D. Lamond films. It is always exciting when Ozploitation films get the blu-ray HD treatment, though it is disappointing that they often […]

Night of the Living dead (1990) blu-ray from Umbrella Entertainment

This is great news for horror fans and blu-ray collectors alike!! I could not be more excited to hear today that local Australian company Umbrella Entertainment are releasing in April this year, Night of the Living Dead – the 1990 version directed by Tom Savini. April 6th will bring the film to Australian shores on DVD and […]